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The Niagara Seeder.
It's all you need to sow any seed. Fast.

You're going to like the Niagara Seeder, because it does more than plant seeds. This automatic seeding machine nurtures efficiency. And that's vital to any growing business.


The Niagara Seeder is both affordable and practical. Its simple, straightforward design helps keep your maintenance costs low and your returns high. And because the Niagara Seeder comes complete with a built-in compressor/vacuum unit, there's no need to purchase costly extras now, or years down the road.


Sow any seed you wish the Niagara Seeder is highly adaptable. A simple nozzle change allows you to sow virtually any size seed begonia to watermelon, and everything in between.

The Niagara Seeder also lets you sow up to 5 seeds per cell in any standard plug tray. It accepts virtually any tray too. So as your needs change and grow, the Niagara Seeder changes and grows right along with you. (Of course, should you require a custom design, simply supply us with your specific requirements and we'll accommodate them).


You can change over trays or seed types very quickly. In fact, all the necessary adjustments are easy to make.

So if you're looking for the low maintenance seeder that best meets the needs of today's commercial growers, look into the Niagara Seeder. Whatever the seed, whatever the tray, it's the one to grow with.